Submit Your Music

How to submit your material 

For each new or recurring mixtape series produced by Network29 Mixtapes, there are rules and guidelines to the submission process. On this page you'll find the general rules and guidelines usually attached to each project. However, we suggest that you read the submission guidelines for each separate project as they may have additional requirements for artists to follow. These are posted on the homepage for each new mixtape project in the works. 

General Guidelines for song submission:

1.) There are no fees associated with the first mixtape in each series that Network29 Mixtapes develops. Whether or not there is a fee, all submissions are (usually) on a first come, first serve, basis unless stated otherwise. 

2.) We do not position songs based on when the tracks are submitted or by who submitted them first. With that said, all fees paid by each artist or producer submitting tracks will be the same amount depending on what that fee is for the mixtape series you are submitting too. If your song is chosen for the mixtape, you will be sent a link to pay the fee by either Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. 

3.) Each mixtape project will be personally sequenced by Network29 Mixtapes. This will determine when your song will be played to keep each mixtape project in one continuous flow, vibe, or groove. Your song may come first, may come in the middle, may come last, but if your song is chosen, it will be placed. 

4.) Fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Any song chosen for a mixtape that requires a fee will be placed on the mixtape in question after the fees have been secured and processed. Usually there will be a time frame for artists to submit their music and their fees.

5.) The life cycle of the submission and fee process will usually go in this order: 
  • Call To Action which is the promotion of new mixtape for submission. 
  • Song Review to determine relevancy of each song for the project in question, the quality of the song, and whether the song follows the specific guidelines set forth per mixtape project.
  • Song Selection to determine which songs will be placed on the mixtape project it is submitted for. The song selection will be based on the song review and determined by multiple reviewers most times. 
  • Fee Payment will be required for any mixtape series that is not the first of its kind and each artist will be emailed a link to pay the submission fee. The fees will be revealed in the submission guidelines and in the email. The fees are NON-NEGOTIABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE! Once paid, that song will be placed on the mixtape project.
  • Fee payment is time sensitive, any payment not made in the time specified by the payment email will result in your material not being placed on the mixtape it was submitted for. In that situation, your placement on the mixtape will be given to an artist who's song was not picked for the mixtape but was reviewed and considered.
All fees payed go towards the production, marketing, promotion, and hosting of the mixtape project. Network29 Mixtapes will go out of it's way to market and promote the fuck out of a mixtape to gain the most exposure necessary. We will hopefully be able to provide each artist with the data to show how each mixtape does in its marketing and promotions endeavors.

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES WITH EACH MIXTAPE PROJECT YOU SUBMIT FOR!! You are not guaranteed placement on the mixtape you submit for until you receive the email from us stating that your song has been chosen, will be placed, and if there is a fee or not. Don't Call Us, We'll Call You..

We will do our best to POLL or SURVEY our listeners to get them involved in the promotion of the mixtape and the artists. These surveys and polls will tell us which artist or mixtape project is making an impact among listeners. Based on the data retrieved by those surveys and polls, Network29 Mixtapes will create features and spotlights for each artist or mixtape making an impact so that the fans can find out more about the artist and support them beyond just listening to the mixtape.

ORIGINAL MUSIC WILL BE CONSIDERED ABOVE FREESTYLES/FREEVERSES/COVER SONGS or any song using material already produced and published commercially by any artist, band, producer, or label. Whether indie, indie-major, or major. Unless specified in the mixtape guidelines per project, this rule will ALWAY take precedent when choosing songs for the mixtape.

Though Network29 Mixtapes will do its absolute best to market and promote each mixtape project we produce, it goes without saying that you as an artist, group, band, or producer, should promote the mixtape as well to maximize your own exposure. We cannot tell you the best way to do this but we will offer banners and other promotional material to help you get the word out.