Friday, November 11, 2011

Mouthpie$e "i Gotta Bomb!" Mixtape series all 3 parts!!

The Mouthpie$e Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed Contest is on and poppin. You have 3 Coast2Coast Exclusive Mixtapes by one of the Phighness Kings from Vegas. Download the mixtapes and check out the Contest Rules here:

Mouthpie$e on twitter: @MouthpieSe
Youtube: MouthpieSe
Facebook: MouthpieSe

These mixtapes go in!!

Mouthpie$e Presents: The Phighness - i Gotta BOMB (Part 1) Sneak Attack @mouthpieSe | Mixed by @djepps

Mouthpie$e - i gOtta BOMB! (part 2) $UICIDE BOMBER

Mouthpie$e - Clo$ed Mouth Dont Get Fed! (part 3) @mouthpieSe

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get Heard On Our Next Project!

So, you didn't get a song on our new mixtape FIRE FROM THE UNDERGROUND Vol 1 and you still want in on the project? 

Well, we have good and bad news...I like to start with the bad news first.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Damn that 360 Deal!

Let's enlighten some of your brain cells folks. You need to know as an artist or band that there is business afoot in the industry and the foot smells like it ain't been washed in years. To recap the past few decades in music would only summarize the end result of much of the quality of the music that’s coming out or already out. No matter how you look at it, hear it, slice it, eat it, chew it, or however you decide to take it in, there is not a ton of quality music on the airwaves. What can be even more depressing is the fact that most of the songs on the radio all fit into one sub genre. Then add to that the fact that all the radio stations play the same songs for weeks, maybe months, straight by the same artists. There seems to be very little diversity.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Why pay when I can do it for free?

Not a dollar needs to be spent these days in order to get things out there. Not one red cent has to be placed on the line to have people hear your music, buy your album, follow you, support you, purchase your product or service, or become a part of your cause. These days there are so many ways to do things for free, why the hell should you pay for anything??

The answer: Leverage. Look up the word to get the real meaning. In a nutshell, leverage is a balancing act. When it comes to marketing and promoting, there is a definite leveraging system in place. It's kind of the natural order of things. 

New Mixtape Series - Fire From The Underground! Submission details

The 1st Official Mixtape from Network29/Style&Heat Entertainment is in the works and now we have a call to arms. Any and all unsigned or indie artists (not indie major) working the underground circuit of hip hop are encouraged to submit their music for a chance to be placed on the newest mixtape. It will be tentively titled FIRE FROM THE UNDERGROUND and we are looking for HOT HOT HOTT!! music! It doesn't have to be your next hit song, just one you think is hot. We know it's out there, we just want you to give it to us so we can spread it out to our ever growing and expanding network. We may not be as big as Coast2Coast or Southern Smoke, but with time we'll get there. Ride with us and you'll be there too. 

There are rules to this submission game, however, and as much as we'd like to put out every single song submitted, we can't and we wont. There are guidelines to the style of music we are looking to put on the first mixtape, but the good news is: ALL SUBMISSION THAT WE CHOOSE GET PLACED FOR FREE!!
That's right, the first one is on us! With that said, here are the rules and guidlines for submission:
1.) SEND US 3 GOOD SONGS. We will choose the best song to place on the mixtape. Make sure each mp3 is at least 128K or better bitrate. LIMIT THE SONGS TO 3:30 or less. If you can only send one song, that's fine. Just make it a good one.
2.) ALL SONGS MUST BE OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. It doesn't have to be studio quality, just have a good mix that sounds great in headphones and speakers. If its not mastered, that's ok. As long as it sounds good. No unfinished songs or concepts. We will not mix/master your songs for you!!
3.) NO FREESTYLES OR SONGS MADE TO INDUSTRY BEATS!!! We are not promoting freestyles or songs made to industry beats on this mixtape. We want fresh, original music. We don't care if its 5 years old...if its unheard its new to us and everyone else.
4.) NO SONGS WITH TAGS IN THEM!! Please have your producers remove the tags before you submit your song. 
5.) INCLUDE ALL SONG/ARTIST/PRODUCER CREDITS IN YOUR EMAIL Hence the reason why we don't want tags included in the songs. 
7.) NO BEEF TRACKS!! Network29/Style&Heat Entertainment will not condone any beef/dis records. We have a panel of listeners that will help us choose the songs to place on the mixtape and we can tell when there is a beef or dis song.
8.) NO GANG RELATED SONGS!! Its not about that for this mixtape. Plans are in order to bring out another series for the hardcore gangster shit. Keep the violence in the song to a minimum. Be creative with your drug talk at least.
9.) MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS VALID and that you check it cuz we'll reply to the one you use to send us your songs.
10.) IF YOU CAN'T SEND SONGS, SEND A FEW DROPS!! They should be generic by including Network29, or Style&Heat Entertainment, or the title of the mixtape or name of the Host (if known) or any combination of them all. Be sure to state who you are and where you're from. Make em good and we just might use them. In fact we encourage all artists to send drops if possible.

A few things and artists must understand when submitting their songs. 
1.) There is no gaurantee that we will choose any of the songs you submit. Same goes for drops. We will only place one song.
2.) If we choose your music, we will send you a reply to your email. Do not email us asking if we picked any of your songs.
3.) Our network is growing. We do not set the expectation that millions of people will hear our mixtape. We will send it out to as many sites as possible.
4.) What doesn't get placed now may get placed later. We will let you know.
5.) If you would like a master copy of the mixtape in wav format with the cover art/insert there will be a charge of $5 in digital format $25 in CD format. 

The master copy will be in an hiqh quality format and the cover art will have a high resolution perfect for copying/printing. We don't care how many you print up for sell or distribution. If you'd like us to print out a set amount of copies for you, then you must email us at and ask for a quote based on how many CD you want. DO NOT SUBMIT SONGS TO THE HOTMAIL ACCOUNT!!


Please do your best to follow these guidelines. Keep your eye on this blog for updates of the release date and other important info.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WTF?? Yet ANOTHER Mixtape company??

Yes man, yes! Yes I say again and again and again. We should all be welcoming every person or DJ or team or company or label that wants to produce hip hop mixtapes. Why not? Its promotion. Some of the best promotion you can get these days to spread the word about your music to the masses. These days a lot of DJ's and companies are giving up mixtape slots for cheap because they know how tough it is to come up on money. Also, the more known the mixtape series or company is, the more they'll charge because of how much exposure you'll get as an artist/group/producer/label and because of the costs of promoting said mixtape. They can propel your career if you deal with the right ones.