Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crysis Tha Street Poet Prepares Latest Mixtape Project

Crysis Tha Street Poet, the flagship artist of the Style&Heat camp, is preparing his latest mixtape project: "From A Rookie 2 A Vet - The Best Of Crysis" for release within the next week. "From A Rookie 2 A Vet - The Best Of Crysis" will be a new mixtape with a selection of some of his best hip hop/underground tracks.

On the new mixtape you'll hear songs from Crysis that date back several years. The songs on "From A Rookie 2 A Vet - The Best Of Crysis" are not new songs just a collection of some of his most personal, favorite, material. Many of the songs were released across various mixtapes like "Mafia: This Thing Of Ours Pt2" and "Fire From The Underground Vol 1." Crysis brings nothing but the best flows on any project he's a part of, whether it be a mixtape or not.

There are 20 tracks in all on the mixtape. What's incredible is that these hip hop songs are all solos done by Crysis with no guest artist features. Crysis is planning to release another "The Best Of Crysis" mixtape in the near future, one in which he plans to showcase songs that include the whole Style&Heat camp. 

When it comes to hot Underground Hip Hop artists and mixtapes. Network29 Mixtapes has you covered! Crysis Tha Street Poet's new mixtape "From A Rookie 2 A Vet - The Best Of Crysis" is guaranteed to please many Urban music fans hungry for a new lyrical experience that may have not heard of Crysis Tha Street Poet. 

To hear more from Crysis Tha Street Poet to get a better idea of what to expect on his next mixtape project, take a listen to the track in the soundcloud player above or listen to -560- Radio's The SH-Xperience radio podcast in the player below. Granted, you wont hear all of the songs from Crysis Tha Street Poet's next mixtape "From A Rookie 2 A Vet - The Best Of Crysis" on these players, but it will wet your hip hop/urban music pallet to get you hungry for more.