Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get Heard On Our Next Project!

So, you didn't get a song on our new mixtape FIRE FROM THE UNDERGROUND Vol 1 and you still want in on the project? 

Well, we have good and bad news...I like to start with the bad news first.

The bad news is...the first ever Network29 Mixtape project FIRE FROM THE UNDERGROUND Vol 1 is completed. All of the songs have been picked and NO you can't get a song on it. This one will go down in the history books. 

However the good news is that you can STILL be a part of the project and become a part of history by submitting a drop for the project.

What's a drop, you ask? Well simply put, a drop is a small audio blurb that gets DROPPED into various sections of a mixtape project or audio feed. Such as when you're listening to your favorite radio station and you hear one of your favorite artists come on and say a few words about the radio station (and the segment) without actually being at the radio station.

We're giving you this opportunity to not only plug yourself and your endeavors, but to also give a shoutout or two to the people you know and love. 

Using this script as a basic idea, There are two ways you can do a drop and submit it to us. Here are the details:

script: Yo/Hey/Hello/Wassup/etc, This is_________ and you're listening to/rocking with/jamming/blasting Network29's Fire From The Undeground Mixtape Vol1. Hosted by Jza from Jersey and The Grimm_Factor (this is optional). Sponsored by S.H. Entertainment (also optional) --From here on till you're done you can give shoutouts, promote your business moves, etc.

This script is just a basic idea and you can tweak it how you like as long as you put in the important parts. Put your own style and swagg on it! Practice what you're going to say to make it sound perfect.

!!! WE NEED THE DROPS IN BY MAY 20TH, 2011 !!!

How To Submit your drop:

1.) Using some piece of audio equipment at home, or at a studio, or using your mobile device's audio recording function...Record your drop (no longer than 20sec) and then email it to (please no spamming!)

2.) If you don't have the ability to do the drop as described in line one, then just call this number (609) 445-4129 and leave the drop there. Trust and believe, we'll get it! 

Please consider that the drops should be 20sec or less. Smaller drops will probably show up more frequently. Anything over 20sec (unless otherwise approved by Network29) will not make it on the mixtape. If you email your drop in and can include a picture with it, then we'll consider adding your drop to our MIXTAPE VIDEO COMPANION which will be out and available soon after the mixtape drops.

Network29 thanks everyone for their time, effort, and support of our projects. 

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