Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fire From The Underground Vol 1 Release Date

Fire From The Underground Vol1
Mixtape Release Date:
May 27, 2011

Lock in the date!!

That's right folks. History in the making. Network29 Mixtapes is set to release it's very first mixtape project, an ambitious effort called FIRE FROM THE UNDERGROUND. Vol #1 and it's gonna be a HOT ONE!! The tracks lined up for this first mixtape were carefully picked to give YOU, the listener, the best independent audio experience you could ever hope for. 

If you're tired of the same hip hop artists (mainstream or otherwise), having all the fun on the mixtape scene and want to hear something different, then look no further. This is what it's all about. 

Network29 Mixtapes will only showcase the best in underground, independent music. YOU WILL NOT HEAR MAJOR LABEL or INDIE-MAJOR LABEL ARTISTS ON OUR MIXTAPES!! Those guys have the backing and the resources to give them the promotion and marketing they need for the mixtape scene and beyond. If that's what you're looking for, please look elsewhere. We are here for YOU, the independent/underground artist looking to showcase new music, and we are here for YOU, the average music enthusiast looking to find new talent and gain an overall better music experience.

A little about Fire From The Underground:

This mixtape is not setup and formatted like a traditional DJ/Artist hosted mixtape. For our first endeavor, we decided to add a more radio-segmented styled format to the mixtape. Not only did we record the hosts with audio, we also recorded video footage as well. What that means is soon after Fire From The Underground is released, the mixtape video companion will be released as well. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and some previous setbacks, we were unable to get the video edited in time for a simultaneous release. We'll let you know when the video will have it's release date. 

Fire From The Underground Vol 1 will have a slightly slower pace than the traditional mixtape due to the format we've decided to go with. You'll hear that it sounds more like a professional broadcast than us saying "here is this song, it is hot." We bring up a few topics of discussion that you'll see further elaborated in the video. So once you get the mixtape in your hands, kickback, relax, light up some goodness, drink something special, and let us give your ears something worthwhile to listen to.
Network29 wants you to realize that we plan to do things different. There are other plans in the works that we hope to bring to full fruition which could possibly change the mixtape scene altogether. Give us time to bring you the goods and you won't be disappointed.

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