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Network29 Mixtapes appreciates your support of it's products and promotions. Let's take it a step further. Please call the number below to leave a drop or shoutout and we will do our best to place it on one of our next mixtape projects. We do ask that you follow the basic drop script provided. The script is a guideline which you can tweak to your liking. 

Drops/Shoutouts that are 20-25 seconds or less will get more consideration for placement. If you're leaving a drop for a particular mixtape project that has not been released, it would be best that you find a way to tweak the script so that mixtape is mentioned. Thank you. 

For Drops and Shoutouts, click the box
or call the number below:
Please, drops and shoutouts only! Do not leave a message
about anything else as your call will not be returned.
This is only a message line and does not get answered. 
Follow the basic drop/shoutout script below!

Drop Script: Hey/Hello/Yo/Wassup! This is _______ from/repping _________ and you're listening to/rocking with/jamming to Network29's _____________ mixtape, hosted by __________ (if there is time left you can plug yourself/project, say your catch phrase or tag phrase, and/or leave a shoutout)

Shoutout Script: Yo/Hey/Wassup everybody this is ________ from/repping _________ and I want to give a shoutout to _____________ (if you have time left you can plug yourself/project, say a catch phrase or tagline)

Remember, these scripts are just guidelines. You can tweak them as you see fit. If you mess up just call back and do it again. We'll know the difference. ;)

If you need to contact Network29 directly to inquire about one of our products or services, then please click the widget or use the number below. Ask for Grimm. Only serious business inquires. No drops, shoutouts, or other messages. Thank you.