Sunday, July 3, 2016

Instagram Previews Of The New Dual Hip Hop Mixtape EP Project From The Grimm_Factor: GOLDEN 16s and GOLDEN RHYMES (The Bars You Didn't Get To Hear)

This has been the first post from Network29 Mixtape in a few years. The drought is over as there is new hip hop material on the horizon from The Grimm_Factor of Style And Heat. The Grimm_Factor's next projects are two small but potent mixtapes.

These new mixtape releases were inspired by and developed from The Grimm_Factor's recent attendance at Team Backpack's Mission Underground 2016 Live Audition Competition and Music Festival event held in Brooklyn, NY from June 16-18th. The Grimm_Factor performed a quick 16 bar verse on the 2nd day of Auditions in Group B-3. These live auditions were an invitation only affair given to 500 aspiring hip hop artists/purists who were chosen out of over 2,500 online entrants. Each artist that performed a quick 16 bar verse (some actually went over that mark, wayyy over), was carefully screened by a panel of judges during and after the live auditions were over. Hip Hop veteran, and member of the Eminem branded Rap Supergroup Slaughterhouse, Joel Ortiz was among the Hip Hop elites judging the talent in the auditions. The judges made tough decisions in order to narrow down the competition to the Top 12 artists who were then pitted in a one on one showdown style competition to see who would be in the Top 3. Nearly all of the hip hop beats were designed by a select team of music producers and beat makers within the Team Backpack camp.

Those who made it to the Top 3 were given a "victory lap" on the mic where they would perform a solo verse for the amount of length of their choosing as well as being offered a deal to perform in future rap cyphers held by Team Backpack during different dates at other venues. All in all it was a great event for the hip hop community as a whole and one of the shining accomplishments of The Grimm_Factor's career to date.

Unfortunately The Grimm_Factor did not make it into the Top 12 but the fact that he was even invited to the event proved that his skills were comparatively better than over 2,000 other artists that entered. However, the time spent at Mission Underground, NY 2016 was more than enough to spark a flame in The Grimm_Factor so that he can release new material...

Enter: GOLDEN 16s EP and GOLDEN RHYMES EP (The Bars You Didn't Get To Hear) Release Date 07/09/2016

Both projects featuring verses that were written specifically for the Mission Undergroud, NY 2016 Live Audition Competition. Team Backpack gave every invited artist that registered for the event 19 hot tracks (well all except one track was dope Lol) and told them they would not know which track was being played when they came on stage to perform their verses. So The Grimm_Factor wrote at least one 16 bar verse to each track and he also wrote 9 longer verses (for the victory lap) and placed close to 10 extra verses from his archive to the remaining tracks. Since he did not make it to the Top 12, The Grimm_Factor decided to release the 16s and the verses into separate, but equal hip hop mixtape projects. Both mixtape projects will also come packaged with the Acapellas for DJs, Producers, and Beat Makers, or anyone who wants to use them for any of their upcoming projects.

To get an idea of what to expect, The Grimm_Factor has been releasing small snippets of each of the new hip hop mixtapes on his personal Instagram Profile. You can check out the collective of previews in this post. The Golden 16s have the Red Cover and The Golden Rhymes have the Light Blue color. Listen to these hot rhymes from the rapper known as The Grimm_Factor!